“BAI has opened my eyes to a new world. Coming from a fine arts background, the challenges of an illustrator were foreign to me. Under the tutelage of Alex Fine and Greg Houston, I have begun to understand the methods and skills needed to convey a message clearly and concisely to the public at large.” – Dave DeVoll, Fundamental Illustration, Spring 2016

“Greg Houston is amazing and his class is amazing… I owe so much to him. I just feel like I did so much good work in his class. I’m SUPER GRATEFUL to the Conversation/Workshop class I took at BAI; I feel like I got more out of just one of those classes than I did all semester at my college.” – Jess Connell, Conversation and Workshop, Fall 2015

“In my experience as a teacher’s assistant, I have never seen a group of students grow so fast and end the semester with a huge BANG as they did in Greg Houston’s Illustration: Professional Practices class! Greg and I were able to develop close working relationships with all the students. We care about each one as a person and illustrator. I look forward to TAing next semester and meeting a new bunch of talented and hardworking students!!” – Erica Ostrowski, TA, Illustration: Professional Practices, Fall 2015

“I loved the opportunity to get one-on-one personal feedback about my assignments from professional, working illustrators and instructors who are honest, insightful, and aim to help me improve my work. They are building a strong community of illustrators at BAI, which will be a force to be reckoned with — it’s thrilling to be a part of it!” – Nick Prevas, Fundamental Illustration, Fall 2015

“This was my first illustration class — ever — and it was a lot of fun and definitely a challenge. Greg Houston was an entertaining teacher and his in-class critiques were a perfect mix of honesty, humor, and instruction.” – Kirk Roush, Fundamental Illustration, Fall 2015

“I really loved taking Editorial Illustration with Alex Fine. He gives great, practical feedback on homework assignments to help his students build a strong, professional portfolio. He puts his students in direct contact with art directors and other working illustrators.” – Jimmy Malone, Editorial Illustration, Fall 2015

“I’m so glad and grateful I took the Book Illustration class at BAI. I came away from the class with a children’s story I’m proud of, more confidence in my own skills, and a better sense for what I need to do to make illustration a career. Scott is one of those teachers you’re lucky to have; he truly wants to see his students achieve their goals, and will go way way way above and beyond to help them.” – Caitlin Rose, Book Illustration, Fall 2015

“Scott is incredibly encouraging, supportive, and generous with his time and talents, and clearly genuinely cares about helping his students achieve their goals. This semester challenged me in ways I didn’t expect and revealed capabilities I didn’t know I had. I feel very grateful for BAI and can’t wait for the next semester to begin.” – Katie Kane, Book Illustration, Fall 2015

“For people with an interest in Illustration, BAI offers an opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else. World-class instructors with real world experience providing insight and guidance of a quality that is equaled only by their passion for the subject at hand. Scott Fuqua is a consummate educator, and BAI is an invaluable asset to this city.” – Thom B. Winters, Watercolor Painting Techniques for Illustrators, Fall 2015

“The education I receive taking classes at BAI is a much needed bridge to a new career that previously seemed out of reach. I am an adult student without much formal training as an artist and am primarily self taught. Thanks to the thoughtful instruction of the teachers at BAI, I am able to enjoy the opportunity to make my love for illustrating into a possible profession.” – Travis Keller, Illustration: Professional Practices, Fall 2015