BAI would like to thank the following people for participating in our lecture series during our first year:

Martin Gee
Kyle Webster
Taylor Callery
Jacob Thomas

We’d also like to thank the following people, businesses, and organizations for their contributions to our school:

Russell de Ocampo
The Windup Space
Blick Art Materials
John Steele at Pl-A-za Art (Mt Vernon)
Charles and Cindy Brohawn at Pl-A-za Art (Towson)
Diane Margiotta at Towson Arts Collective
Richard and Constance Houston
Edward Kane
Adam Fine
Meredith Burke
John Bintz
Kathleen Wilson
Erica Ostrowski
Chelsea Mai
Jon Marchione
Deanna Deley
Jessica Connell
Audrey Estok
Stephanie Shafer
Adam Jones
Cait May
Dave DeVoll
Rachel Suggs
David Bouloubassis
Cara Ober
Kelly Louise Barton
Sarge Salman
Anna Lee
Juan Navarro
Dangerously Delicious Pies
Clark Burger
Amazing Spiral Comics
Work Printing and Graphics

Greg, Alex, and Scott would personally like to thank their wives, Tracy Jacobs, Chloe Elswick, and Julie Fuqua for their continuing support. We couldn’t do it without you!