Exciting News at BAI!

Since we opened our doors in 2015 BAI has offered the highest quality illustration instruction. Up to now, our students have only had the opportunity to take classes a la carte and we will continue to offer the a la carte option—students will still be able to choose any class/es we offer as they see fit. However, beginning this Fall, we will be offering two additional course tracks for those who may be interested: Certificate and Foundation.

BAI Illustration Certificate

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, BAI will be offering a certificate program. When starting BAI, we imagined it as a topnotch college-level illustration department — but without the college. We believe that our combination of faculty and curriculum are on par with, or surpass that of any art school illustration department. And now, students wanting to take a full load of classes that approximate the level of illustration education one might get at a quality art college can do so at BAI.

Each course at BAI now has a certain number of credits assigned to it: 3 for core classes and 2 for electives. There would be a total of 30 credits needed to complete the certificate—18 credits of core classes and 18 credits of elective classes. Students who are interested in pursuing a certificate will be advised as to what combination of courses they should take to get an education that we believe is the equal of the illustration education they would get in a four-year program. There no prescribed timetable for completing the classes. A student can finish the certificate as quickly as he or she completes the necessary courses. There is no penalty, however, for taking a longer amount of time to complete the certificate requirements. Upon completion of the required course, BAI will award a certificate indicating that our goals for that student have been met.

Click Here for the BAI Illustration Certificate Courses


BAI Foundation Courses

BAI will be offering a Foundation track of classes beginning in the Fall of 2017. These classes are for beginners. Whether students have little or no art in their background, whether they are interested in an illustration career or just want to explore a visual medium, these classes are designed to gently introduce them to the basics. Foundation Drawing, Foundation Painting, Working with Color, and Beginner’s Photoshop forms the hub of a Foundation curriculum on which future instruction can be built.

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All enrollments must be done through the website. 

Student Aid

While BAI is not able to offer student aid, we are happy to announce that M&T Bank has graciously agreed to offer credit cards to any BAI student who fits their criteria. These cards can be used to pay for classes. Stop by the school for information or contact M&T Bank for details.

Installment Plan

Beginning in Fall 2017 BAI will be allowing students enrolling online to pay for classes in two equal installments: the first upon enrollment and the second 30 days after the class has started. Please note that classes paid for using the installment plan will not be eligible for the add/drop period or refunds. Also, there will be a one time, additional $20 charge for these classes.

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Refund Policy

We recognize that a consumer should have the right to change his or her mind about a purchase and, to that end, we will be happy to offer a partial refund (50%) to anyone who wants to drop out of a class after the first week of the semester (specifically after the first class but before the second class). There will be no refunds after that.

Please note: due to the shortened nature of mini-mester and summer session there will be no add/drop period for those classes during which refunds will be given.